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Reviews for "For the last time"

Just beatiful.

Just and plainly great. Rarely did I hear such great peice of music. You practically set an example.

I exspecially like the beginning.

I also see an old, white haired and bearded knight in suit of armor fighting a colossal demon. From standing up from the fireplace, to the journey, to the fight itself. Every moment is glorious.

madboss responds:

Oh, man... my music as an example...
Well I'm happy that you think so and I'm also happy that you liked it.
Thans for your rev and your kind words!

Really nice

I could see that you were inspired in some ways but doesn't say to much. Hey everyone gets inspired by someone. I really like this peice of work. Very well put together and your music itself is very inspiring too. I looked at your drawings and your really good. Maybe you could do some flash? Anyways though really good job on the music, looks like you put a lot of effort on it.

madboss responds:

Thanks. Yeah I worked quite hard on this one. About your suggestion making flash: well I don't want to make any... I just want to create music. But thanks again - for the drawings too.

Nice.. I like this genre

This music is hot.. I have downloaded it..


madboss responds:

No I thank YOU for spending your time checking, downloadin and reviewing my music. And I'm happy that you liked it.


I haven't heard anything this good on Newgrounds in a long time, This track is great for Flash Artists looking for dramatic music. I am Stunned.


Damn....should have brought this song on my mp4 when i went to the army......good work & somethin'special i've not seen it a while.....a long audio....