Reviews for "For the last time"

I'm not worthy...

This tracks is the mother of all tracks that I've listen to on the NgAP. You my good sir are a fucking pro. I have no clue how many days it took you but it's somthing I'd expect to find in an aucostra (spelling?) or movie or somthing of only the highest quality on earth. For the love of any god there is make more and pm me when you do.

madboss responds:

Who... I'm not a pro man and I doubt that THIS song would be the mother of all songs on AP... but thanks it feels good to read things like that :)
It took only 2 or 3 days to make this stuff and it's higly inspired by movie scores so that's why it's similar to them.
Thanks for your rev! It was a good thing to read. You'll get a pm if there's something new!


Blew me away! Genius! You have no idea how good that sounded on surround sound! Wow!
Make more gold tracks.
A masterpeice!

madboss responds:

Hehe... I'd love top make tons pf gold-tracks but it's not only depends on me. Of course I try to give my best in every submission.

In surround sound?! Wow... I have only a 2.1 speaker system... so yeah I really don't have any idea how it'd work. But I'm happy to hear that works well:)

Thanks for the nice comment!

1 moment.

Wait 1 second, gotta whipe away this tear.
Done, it's beautifull. It really gives you the feeling it's just one last time.
'A' material.
The clarity, the drums were sometimes too loud somehow, very odd, my speakers are now in a coma, lol.

madboss responds:

Oh,... sorry for your speakers. I just wanted to make a banging track not a "speaker-killer" - but besides the joke I know that the drums are too loud and the clarity is not the best because of this.

But I'm happy that you liked it! Thanks for the 'A' rating, your points and the review!


i love this work its beautiful #1 material !

madboss responds:

Thanks! I'm happy you liked it!

o m g

You, my good sir have created one of the most beautiful pieces of epic music that I have ever heard. That piece made me cry, and that is difficult to do. Keep up the good work.

madboss responds:

Wow... thanks! I'm happy that you liked this song and had such overwhelming effect on you. I try to keep up the good work!

Thanks for the review and for your positiv critics/points!