Reviews for "For the last time"

Very well done

I particularly like the diversity of insturmentation you use. The change in styling throughout the piece is also very well done.

Melody work checks out and sounds quite beautiful at parts.

Well done

madboss responds:

Thank you! I'm happy that you liked the mood changes and the melody. I workd quite some tome on them. Personally I'm not really satisfied with this instrumentation because these are rather synth-like stuff and my Reason has better quality orchestral stuff as well - but I found them after making this song.

But I'm glad you liked this piece. Thanks for the rev!


This song brought me out of my seat! This is a great song with a decent cliche "plot" behind it but the song was good. I love the piano dynamic in the beggining and when the precussions come in, I got a little jumpy. Fun song with a little sorrow, and a nice set of drums!

madboss responds:

Thanks a lot for these nice words. Well to be honest there is no piano in the beginning - they are marcato strings only they are a bit low quality and rather synth like than real strings.

I'm glad you liked the drums - I think they are a bit out from the song in they volume level thoug.

So thanks for the rev - I'M glad you liked this song.


I must say, for a few months there, I have been in a slum in writing. However, after chancing by this song, I've been inspired to write once again. This song gave me such a clear image. This would be perfect for an opening cut-scene or a trailer perhaps.

I picture a cloaked warrior walking in the rain. Thunder strikes and you can see him grasping his sword. Then, raising it in the air, he vows to fight once again in order to protect those he needs. Then, as it settles the first time about, I can see him dorning his armor, scene by scene the audience can watch as this veteran warrior re-arms himself for battle.


madboss responds:

Well thanks a lot! Your images are great and epic. I'm happy that my song could generate such images in you. I'm glad I could inspire you.

Thanks for your review!


I dont know so much about music, but this is.. great!
Keep it up!

madboss responds:

Thanks a lot! I try to give my best!

Unique and stylish

I wanted to review this one since a few months now and I finally found some time. I could only give 5 points for the main theme itself, it´s so unique and great arranged that it could be from Hans Zimmer himself. The percussion is powerful and dynamic, adds a wonderful strong athmosphere with a high amount of tension. I found it great that you managed it to keep the quality, that shows that you´re not out of ideas too fast. A very important thing when you want to write a score. That´s why it also deserves 10 points in diversity, I loved the part with the violin ensemble!

What you seriously need is a better instrument library, this piece deserves that! It´s cinematic, powerful and very unique. Great Cue!

Greetins, Denny.

madboss responds:

OMG thanks a lot! From Hans Zimmer itself... well I think I don't have to say who's my favourit filmscore composer and he's music always inspires me to make music like this. I'm truly considering to re-compose this piece with my new techniques I've found out in reason but first I want to finish some other projects and I need some more fee time.

I'm glad you liked the percussions - personally now I think they are a bit too loud and taking the space from the other instruments. Since thisone I try to be more carefull with big drums.

Thanks again for your time spent on this review and the points you gave to me. This means a lot for me!