Reviews for "XS - Sanctuary (NGADM14)"

its the best song EVER!

xSentin3l responds:

Wow, thanks!

great melody! love it, geat job with it.
- Pandasticality

xSentin3l responds:

Thank you panda :3

You have done beautiful job on the melodies. And it all indeed has a chill sound to it. Those strings sounded very good and balanced to my ear.

It is an over all good mix, everything sits very well in there. I like the metallic tone in the modulated bass, that gently grinds along with the music.

xSentin3l responds:

Ahh brilliant :) Mixing was always my bane. I never thought I would be able to mix and almost gave up because of it so this really cheers me up. Thank you.

Love this sooo much!

xSentin3l responds:

Thank you mooknutz! (:

good one
not the best one you ever made (i doubt it can be achieved in the near future anyway xD), still it should more than be good enough to win the first round (even if buyoi, or however he is called, and co. will downrate it; they downrate even masterpieces my god -.-)!
the main problem i have here are the backgroundsounds (piano, violin and so on)... beginning part at 0:58 shows it. man let the violin or whatever it is rock and not slide away! xD. cmon next time i wanna hear a fucking violin solo banging so hard that the sites are ripping apart ^^. i just miss a bit creativity in those backgroundsounds... with the pianosounds you once more show that you are more than capable of using ya creativity for the sounds, do so at the other parts too! :P

refrain / drop is pretty good for a chillstep-track. nothing more to say i guess.

oh and no luck for ya, luck is for losers xD

xSentin3l responds:

Another review from Daxter, on time as always ;p

Arghh, okay. The strings. Right, I wanted the strings to tell a story of their own, here was my plan. So the first time you hear them they are just fading in very faintly and hitting one lower note in a 3/4 pattern. Then the verse carries on the same riff. Then at 00:58 they come back, but nothing special like you say, a little dynamic progression and then into some simpler hits to annotate the chorus. Then 01:55 they come back higher now but not very dynamic bar the little build up, notice the intro bass line comes back in the second half of that bit too, then it goes onto the chorus. Finally at 02:51 they come back in, now more dynamic than before and telling a little sotry of their own, I regret not adding more bass notes here but there we are, then it goes into the chorus where they are hitting like before but with an extra layer of high notes to bring it up.

So, that was the plan, to tell a building story with the strings, making them slightly more dynamic with each bring, but plans don't always work. The problem was with the strings being too dynamic it took away focus from the piano which was supposed to be the focus, but to minimal and they sounded just... off. So I hit that middle point and though "stop, you'll ruin it entirely".

I hope that gets me off the hook slightly.