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Reviews for "Chinese Poison Toys"

Fucking Awesome!!

Great song! Love the animation, and it's soooo true!

vakavadesigns responds:

I tried to make it so no one escapes blame in the situation. Except the dog. He's either asleep or just plain scaring off robots.

Thanks for your review, feel free to pass it along to whoever :D

Those particular kids deserved it though

Poison isn't just in toys either, many health products like whey protein have been found to have heavy metals in them. Check around online before buying anything you psychically handle or put into your body.

vakavadesigns responds:

You're right. In fact, the idea for this song got moving when I was discussing contaminated honey from China.

Fortunately it's possible to detoxify with chlorella or other herbs.

I think they did deserve it. Maybe next year they'll behave themselves better.

i say



Im Chinese and im totally not offended, my dad is always tellin gme that cchina has the cheapest things ever with the worse quality, so your animation made me chuckle. The animation was smooth the song catchy and overall it is true :P

vakavadesigns responds:

:D Glad you weren't offended, the aim was to point out China as a nation of origin for the toxic products, obviously if someone thought that I was accusing one billion Chinese, they'd be more than insane.

I'm also glad this is still being looked at even though I never made front page... Thanx



vakavadesigns responds:

Woooo Woooooooooooo