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Reviews for "Chinese Poison Toys"


awesome music, idea and animations! good job vakava and druox!

vakavadesigns responds:

thanks for your review! :)

Great work

Love the style you chose for this, colors are amazing, keep up the good work.

vakavadesigns responds:

The style was fun to work with, though the challenge was adding flexibility or fluidity to such a geometric style. If I do this style again, I'd like a attempt a greater mix of traditional animation (squash/stretch and more frame by frame work). Making a walk-cycle other than the stiff-moving robot would be a worthwhile challenge too.

Thanks, Oney, for your review, I was wondering if any of NG's 'heavy-hitters' would comment :D

Great stuff

Great looking animation and an entertaining song. I like the lyrics of the song and the style of the visuals really brings it to life. Like your other toons this has an awesome sense of humor to it which makes it a very enjoyable watch. Keep em' coming!

vakavadesigns responds:

Thanks Outlaw;

I think there's a big difference in making my own lyrics and theme, more control over the overall product of course.

Hopefully I can do another one in a few months. 8)