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Reviews for "Chinese Poison Toys"




well my country very close to China (share the border in fact) so i know how threat full it is for a very long time now O_O (everything for cheapness ...)

vakavadesigns responds:

It's great to hear from someone so familiar with the problem. A lot of people think this is simply a funny joke or a scare tactic. :-r

Thank you for your review! :D


Ok call me an old person.... Back in my day we PLAYED with lawn dart! AND THEY ROCKED! If a kid wants to kiss and suck his toys? Maybe that's why there are more pedophiles these days? We sucked on a toy we died back then! hmmmmm I say let the poison toys back in!!!

vakavadesigns responds:

Glad you appreciate the film! :D

I think mercury can be absorbed through contact, mercury poisoning might not require eating the toys. AND, it's a much more gradual process.

Fun fact: Mercury's the second-most toxic element that's out there. Plutonium takes the top spot. Only the kids with rich parents get toys laced with plutonium... now THAT's the good stuff!

daily feature is well deserved

this is perfectly animated

with very good sound quality

this should be a Christmas carol
i would like to see those carol singer sing this
silent night, yeah right
fuck all that and Santa Jesus crap
THIS is the true meaning of Christmas

vakavadesigns responds:

I'm doubtful that it's the true meaning of Christmas...

But I WOULD like to see Satan Claus plunge himself and his smelly buck-toothed reindeer permanently into icy Arctic waters...

Ummm anyway, thanks for the review!

Awesome animation!

This is amazing man, great work! and the music from Druox awesome as always :) ... I think the lesson here is KIDS, DON'T FUCKING EAT YOUR TOYS, they are for playing, not for eating

vakavadesigns responds:

Yeah the Druox saves the day again when it comes to the music. The original melody I came up with was too light and fluffy and sounded like a Parry Gripp tune. Mr. Ox brought foreboding and doom to his interpretation of the lyrics.

Thanks again!