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Reviews for "Chinese Poison Toys"

Those particular kids deserved it though

Poison isn't just in toys either, many health products like whey protein have been found to have heavy metals in them. Check around online before buying anything you psychically handle or put into your body.

vakavadesigns responds:

You're right. In fact, the idea for this song got moving when I was discussing contaminated honey from China.

Fortunately it's possible to detoxify with chlorella or other herbs.

I think they did deserve it. Maybe next year they'll behave themselves better.

Pure Fire

I can't stant the Awesomness within this Animation.

I replayed it twenty-five Times---and still can't get enough from the tocity of the Poisones Fluffy Puppets from hell!! YEAHH!!!

vakavadesigns responds:

Probably the funniest review so far X-D thanks man! Poisonous Fluffy Puppets from Hell?!?!?

Excellent Video With A Very Valid Point...

The video was excellent, and I really liked the block-style animation... Also, you touched on a very valid point... China has been f'n the USA for years through products and industry... I don't understand why anyone in this country would do business with China at all, period... What's even worse is that our government is deep in debt to China that we could never completely sever the ties without starting WW3... We, as Americans, need to wake and smell the coffee... Then we might realize that it is not coffee, but it is, in fact, cyanide laced imitation kool-aid that came from China... Other than that, keep up the great work!! :D

vakavadesigns responds:

I couldn't have said it better myself! I think ultimately the greedy retailers are to blame, that's why I tried to put the screws to the "Mart"... There are actually a handful of surviving American products, but you'll rarely find them at the "Mart" because they can only make a huge mark-up on cheap imported stuff... they don't find U.S. made goods to be profitable enough...

Thanks again for your review and your support! :)


i think its good to remind everyone that things from china can be dangerous i remember on awhile ago baby formula was poisionous and killed a bunch of babies in hong kong

vakavadesigns responds:

Yes, I think it was the chemical known as 'melamine' that was mixed with dairy products. Terrible!!!

Thank you for your nice animation :)

This is a nice animation showing a real problem in china, it is a nice idea.

vakavadesigns responds:

:D Thanks friend!