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Reviews for "Chinese Poison Toys"


The song was fantastic! "The attack of chinese poison toys" lol amazing


I watch the video only once, but I do manage to hover the mouse over the replay button, over and over and over again. M E R C U RY!!!!!

vakavadesigns responds:

MERCURY!!!!!! Man that stuff is destructive.

As a side note, did you know there was some crazy Chinese emperor that purposely drank mercury, thinking it would bring him immortality? That's like slamming ya face into a stack of bricks in order to make yourself dashingly handsome. X-D

And umm... yeah... it ended up killing him to death :O


Looks like China's been teaching its factory workers the lethal art of Poison Fu!!! Next time we're buying American!

I liked the song, it was really catchy. The animation and art work were pretty good!

This flash movie deserves 10 Toxic Toy Soldiers out of 10!!!

vakavadesigns responds:

I'm sure the factory workers have it really, really, really bad... :( but your comments are pretty dang funny... Poison fu!

Thanks a lot! :)

i got the point but you didnt need a song

i understand china is the worlds leading rice and toy producer as ive heard but wtf USA where are we going to were buyi ng crap from china no one wants and the governmeant uses that money fucking us into a debt even worse than before if anything this is democrats fault waisting our money (america dosent need deocrates only republicans)

vakavadesigns responds:

Naw dawg, they're all a bunch of weasels. They're always sucking up to banks and corporations, regardless of political party (with very few exceptions).

Dang those deocrates!!!

And what's so bad about the song?

That was freaky!

Wow, this is a great submission because of how sweet the animation was! It was kind of like Cuboy, only even better. I especially love how there are just so many things going on. The only problem is that it really is pretty hard to keep up with the fast lyrics! At least some of them are written onscreen. It's just great to see how well dimensioned these characters look in this. Every person seems to be protruding from the scene itself.

It just goes to show how much variety you can use. I'm not going to say it was related to Christmas because it had toys in it. It works great as a satire, which kind of makes me glad that I am beyond the age of buying toys. Hopefully, we will all grow up soon enough. The voice acting was great, particularly with how it seemed to echo.

vakavadesigns responds:

Hey thanks. It's good to get feedback from someone who's made so many reviews :) Man, the style's kind of hard to get used to. It's very geometric and would be easily left that way, but I tried to add some flexibility and motion in the movements. Next time I'll do better, although I can't imagine when I'll have time for a new one.

Hopefully the visuals help explain the lyrics and vice-versa. I'll try to put the lyrics up soon. I agree, it's not specifically about X-mas, but it fits very well as far as timing. It contrasts well with the "buy buy buy" b.s. that we're hammered with at this time of the year.

Lead and mercury, man, crazy stuff. It dulls the mind and can even make people act insane if the contamination goes too far. If it acted fast like in the animation, I think a lot more people would be aware of it.