Reviews for "Madness Combat 7.5"


They should make an arcade game about this with a choice of first and third person view plus a triavial game where at certain times you need to choose what the character actually does in the episodes if its 1200 microsoft points i'll buy it either way YAY YAY YAY MADNESS


Madness is getting more epicer and epicer. Seriously, NewGrounds really should think about making a XBOX 360 arcade game of madness just like they did with Castle Crashers.

German WWII Machine gun? Brutal!

Nuff said.

"hank has been terminated"

how come this matters all of the sudden, when hank could just strug of bieng shot, stabbed,blown up, decapitated,etc, before Sanford and Deimos showed up?

What a beaut!!!

Your work keeps getting better and more seamless with every passing episode.

Any solid ideas as to when 11 is coming out, and are you considering continuing the series beyond that point?