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Reviews for "Madness Combat 7.5"

Hank has been terminated

Wow. I never expected THAT. XD

Madness Combat... Need to say any more?

The latest animation is fantastic to say the least. It does bring up some questions like how did Deimos get more bandages & Sanford got the hook but I think there's already enough reviews asking that in my opinion. I do notice one thing, Deimos was affected by the flashbang while Sanford covered his eyes & didn't... In the online game Madness Retaliation, out of all the clones you fight at the end, Deimos's clone was the only one affected by flashbangs... Coincidence? Curious questions aside, still incredible.

So short but REALLY GOOOOD

Make more, make more, make more, MAKE MORE MADNESS :DD


I'd be Sanford or the bandana guy whichever one that is

Hank has been terminated...

what sanford and deimos should have said:

What is that, like the eighth time this week?

Krinkels responds: