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Reviews for "Culmination"

Nice game

I really enjoyed playing it, the art is amazing, and the music fitted extremely well :3. But I felt it was too short, the boss fight was nice but too easy, constantly sending flying the boss streched it a lot, I just had to stay in a single place and press A repeatly when the boss gets close then wait till he stops bouncing from the impact and repeat.

For some reason I can't double jump in the first lvls of hard mode, at first I thought it was disabled for more difficulty so I managed to get past the first and other 3 lvls with the jump+attack and then it suddenly started working ^^. I dunno if this just happened to me so I will give it 5/5 10/10 :P

D-SuN responds:

In hardmode, double jump must be earned just like every other ability.
Thank you for the review though! Glad you've enjoyed Culmination!

Awesome game!!!! Big fan of all of them

Only problem is that for some reason i cant double jump anymore :p

Pure Awesome :)

Oh man, this game was just WAY too fun.

+The graphics and music go well together, really added a special feel to the game.

+Nothing was as fun as slashing away at monsters in this game, the combos made it feel fast and overall I really liked the combat system

+The story's nice and simple, didn't need to be fancy. It did it's job just fine.

+The difficulty was never too hard in this game. I didn't go about raging over a level, but it was no walk in the park either.

- I think my only complaint would be the speed. I know your character can get the speed boost at full combo, but it still felt kind of slow.

All in all, it's a good game. I had fun with it and I can see you put work into it, and even though the speed is kind of lacking, it's not anything to dock points for. Good job, my man! (y)

Great Game!

Wow this game was one of the best games ive played in a long time. Graphics were awesome and very fluent. Loved the lighting effects in the background in certain areas.

The controls worked very fluently together. The only thing i had a problem with was the one large wall jump dodging the fireball, but it was done after a couple tries.

Keep up the good work man.

I love the AWW series, it's epic and original. The Lone Warrior (I guess the person from AWW 1) now having lost everything (as his destiny was to de-throne Vandheer and bring an end to his empire) he has lost purpose in life and so he sets out to find and kill the former emperor which he de-throned, feeling the 'job isn't quite done'. I was expecting to have an epic, last battle with Vandheer, a lone warrior too, and emerge victorious and by that ending the series (Which felt kinda sad), I thought of this as a kind of 'closoure'. With that in mind it was an interesting twist in the story when you suddenly became Vandheer and ended up defeating our old hero! That was both shocking and sad.
I'm left pondering on the idea that Vandheer is on the loose and actually trying to rebuild his empire (Again!) and who will rise up agains't him this time, who will stop him and his allies?

Who will become... Armed with Wings?