Reviews for "Culmination"

Really smooth

I played many of your games before. I must say I never really liked this series because the controls always seemed a bit slow or hard to deal with. Its not the case with this game.

You did an amazing job crafting the combat system and the performance is impressive. Good job. Its really enjoyable now.

Just simply wow...

This is one of my greatest pleasures to play. Once you adjust this gameplay is simply so fluid you can't stop.

My number one favorite feature about this is, that you don't need a mouse so it can be played on a labtop.

You stuck with simple graphics but made sure that they were impossible to duplicate. There is a definite finess to this fame.

Thank you. I look forward to more of your work.

Pretty awesome

only complaint i have is how you go back 50 yards every time you get hit by those flying balls of flame..wastes so much time and achieves

Another brilliant addition to the Armed With Wings series. This one has the best combo system among all the games. Very nicely done!

Really great game! Love the game mechanics!

reminds me of bleach too much, but that's a good thing!