Reviews for "Culmination"

The Final Vandheer Lorde battle on the hard mode (the REAL boss battle) is at the beginning SO FREAKIN' HARD, but later its easier than easy mode, when you master it. I think you should changed the ending on hard. The ending should be Lone Warrior (the player) slaying Vandheer Lorde, and then after Lone Warrior vanishes (teleports away) Vandheer should be striked by a blue lightning which would revive him, giving him Four swords (blades) of Eden again. BUT THIS IS STILL EPIC GAME. Music is epic, SPECIAL MOVES ARE THE BEST, everything is cool. My favorite attack is LONG RANGED POWER SLASH. This game is a butt-kicker. To all the players:


this is just simply amazing down to every last detail one of the best online gamesi have ever played

Speechless for a moment... ok. The graphics, the sound effects, the MUSIC! everything adds up. the combat possibilities are astonishing.. so many combos! The theme and story were also really cool, the game itself atmospheric, fluent, immersive.. applause!

good job, this is what I Call a perfect game, it's kind of sad, and I like it, I like games that, at the ending, a feeling remains. Good Job

I'm very impressed with your games. They have deep-analysis into the character development as well as a wide-variety of metaphors and symbols along with the story. You've done a really good job.

I read your biography or "journal"/blog pages and noticed you mentioning that you were going to continue this series even further. I think you are absolutely correct~