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Reviews for "Culmination"

Freakin hell, that was badass. I loved that boss fight. Never saw it coming. And how you even changed the combos for Lorde. And that finish combo he did, oh ho ho, this was so sweet. Fangasm. Gotta say, Vandeer is my fav in this series.

Truly an excellent game. This is by far my favorite game in the whole series due to its complex combo system and awesome moves.

Also, GLITCH FOUND! I'm not sure if it will happen 100% of the time, but it seems if you "defeat" Vandheer Lorde in Hard Mode as you knock him off the platform, you'll be stuck permanently in your "execution pose" while he hacks away at your non-existant whitbox for eternity. This is easiest done with the long-reaching power slash (ie, three Normal or Double Slashes then a Power Slash) which is...also the best way to beat him, ironically.

Kudos to you, D-Sun, and I hope that someday we'll see another game from this series (or similar to it, at least).

What an amazing way to end a game with that kind of seat edger.

this game is frickin hard to beat

wow this is a great game