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Reviews for "Culmination"

Best AwW game I've played.
I loved how you take control of Lorde at the end of the Normal mode.
And the transition was done so effectively.
I mean, Lorde is just taunting you throughout the story, and you can feel the character's will becoming yours. Then, after cutting down so many enemies and feeling like you understand the character's sole desire to cut down the King, your position is suddenly flipped.
And you can feel it. Lorde's range and power are far superior to the Hero's. And his specials are all devastating and boss-esque.
And it only drives it further home in Hard mode when you feel helpless as, at first, you don't even do noticeable damage to Lorde, while you quickly learn he can easily wreck you if you aren't cautious.
And that ending.
I mean, anyone who's played the series in order could predict what would happen, but it's still a powerful hit.
People expect that a person called Hero will come out on top. But it's hopeless for him. And that's heavy.
Anyways, loved all the specials.

That is a great game, i love the Armed with Wings series, and that one have the best gameplay, AwW3 have the best history. There will be an Armed with Wings 4 or any other game in the series?

D-SuN responds:

Thank you for playing! There are a few AwW games in development at the moment. Armed with Wings Rearmed is up on Steam Greenlight, please vote on it :)

I've spotted a few bugs though it's nothing major and hasn't made me dislike the game.

thats pretty much what i ever wanted. its soo awesome

Dope game liked everything about. (^-^) b