Reviews for "Culmination"

Dope game liked everything about. (^-^) b

Pretty cool game! I really liked the graphics and the whole atmosphere. Great work!

Barely completed hard mode(the most problem was in using W-attack versus multiple targets- cam catches wrong object sometimes and you can't see your hero) :) nice game

Amazing game. The combat is so fluent, nothing I've ever seen from a flash game before, and the art style is phenomenal. The ending was also a good twist.

Oh my god!

I don't actually give 5-stars very frequently - but this was immensely satisfying!

I could complain about the length (or lack thereof), and that it is more of an extended tutorial / fancy toy than a full game... but it would be such an awesome tutorial / toy that I'd take this over a dragged-out, content-starved game any day - lots of awesomeness in a small package is almost always better than bloat!

The only issue I have encountered was this:

I once launched an enemy (with a combo ending in 's', I think) into the air, and it kept on going up, seemingly with no intention to ever come back down xD Luckily, I had full charge and used 'w' to catch up to it, which turned the potentially game-breaking bug to an awesome feature =9 It would have been bad if I did not have 'w' available, though ^^u