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Reviews for "Culmination"

Hey me again so you might have an idea why I'm here... the game's not loading.... I checked that my internet was ok and yeah it very much was I even checked my computer wasn't messing up games like these but it was fine. My only conclusions are that either the game is buggy, I can't play the game in my zone (Northern Mexico), even though I've never had a problem like this, and finally, it's my computer or internet and I just don't realize it. Whatever the problem I'll try and check if it's on my end, but if not then I'm asking you guys to check into it cause I really do love these games and I would like to continue playing them. Thanks

just wow

I wanted to like this game. I really did. I loved Armed with Wings 3 and I was excited to play this game. But it just wasn't fun. In normal mode it was okay, but it just didn't feel as smooth and polish as Armed with Wings 3. Then I got to hard mode which really killed the game for me. I didn't feel hard in the way a good hard mode should, carefully built to reward good play and quick decision making. To me it felt hard because it felt like no one had test played it for obvious problems. I found myself in situations where I was being stun locked to death by the small flying enemies that breath fire whenever I jumped, which made it nearly impossible to escape enemy combos. The only way I could get past the large battles against both ground and air enemies was to artificially raise my special by juggling an enemy against a wall and using my ultimate to clear out the flyers. I admit I'm not the best player at these types of games, but the whole hard mode felt broken. Not to mention the specials felt weak bordering useless at times, and when i really need to take advantage of them I was getting stun locked to quickly to build up my special meter. Fighting Vandheer Lorde was what finally made me quite. I beat him twice, but the game glitched on me and dumped back at the start each time. After that every time I got close to killing him he won using cheap tricks, either spamming his special moves and not giving me any opportunities to attack him, or getting a lucky shot the knocked me off the the side of the arena. Finally I had enough, I wanted to finish it and see the hard mode ending, but
I just wasn't willing to waste any more time on a game that frankly I had come to hate.

I can see looking in the comments that most people don't agree with me, and frankly there is a lot I liked. The graphics were beautiful and the battle animations lovely. I loved the music and seeing what happened after the lone warrior chased after Vandheer Lorde was nice. But the hard mode took the fun out of it for me when it stopped feeling challanging in favour of broken. I love the series and I look forward to seeing what you make next, but this entry just didn't do it for me.

SOOOOO GOOOD. It reminds me of Bleach, the action scenes. The art is very good and atmospheric.

This game is a very unique and artistic experience. Must be played ! It's really polished and has a high replay valu, with or without the achievements !