Reviews for "Culmination"

I'm very impressed with your games. They have deep-analysis into the character development as well as a wide-variety of metaphors and symbols along with the story. You've done a really good job.

I read your biography or "journal"/blog pages and noticed you mentioning that you were going to continue this series even further. I think you are absolutely correct~

God, I love this game. It's like a mini-Devil May Cry game, with all those stylish combos'n sh1t :D

Well,its like Bleach meets Limbo,actually...

I've enjoyed the Armed with Wings series. Each game was a masterpiece. The story line and art, all grand. But this game kinda feels like it's being stuck in "just 'cause". It was a tad short, in contrast with the other games, and I feel it's missing something. But I enjoyed the new, unique fighting system developed here.
On another note, there was no indication I changed characters for the final battle, I ran off the edge twice thinking I was supposed to chase Vand. And when I did figure out how to fight, the only method I could use (granted, I'm not a great gamer) was the S button, where Vand cheap shots the protagonist. I could occasionally figure out where I had to be to get D to work, and W always threw me off a cliff. All I'm saying is we didn't have time to accustom ourselves as players to Vand's style. It was an interesting tool to use as the author/creator, but it didn't /quite/ work out. Regardless, it was a good game despite all this. You did good.

I love this game but I found a really weird bug. When I used the "W" special there were a few enemies really high up in the air floating and every time I hit an opponent, the combo kept getting higher. It never reset to zero. This was on hard mode if that makes any difference. Other than that, love the story, music, and style of the game. Please make a sequel!