Reviews for "Bullet Audyssey"


"Awesome" isn't enough to describe the awesomeness of this game. Great levels, great music, great gameplay, great...well...everything.


That little white spot in the center of the ship? That's your hitzone. Any circle/laser that doesn't hit that won't damage your ship.

Also great game, Rete, had a lot of fun and the beat made it feel like I was in some sort of Space Fire at the Disco.


the idea of try the tutorial while the game load, is amazing, is the first game with this (in think). by the other way i like the achievments too.

great game

i went to the lowest ratings to see what people said and most of it was bull so i say good job this game is simple and challenging people giving it a low rating because they cant handle it TOUGH BALLS THEN to them i guess they should find something easy to beat like ABC FUNTIME!!!! haha good job great mechanics


Well its hard haha :P