Reviews for "Bullet Audyssey"

Need 1 More Medal

Awesome game. You had a good music selection. The game is pretty hard but that was the fun part since each time I was about to rage quit, the music kept me going.

Other than there being some lag issues on the hardest fight (I think on planet Plutoo), there's not much I can recommend since the game is perfectly made. I unlocked all the medals except for the second secret one so I'm guessing it has something to do with the first secret medal or the jukebox.

Again, awesome game

CellarDoorGames responds:

We'll give everyone a few hints. Please read at your own discretion.

Both secret medals can be earned early in the game, with one of them as early as the Title Screen.

A perfect, new shooter.

Perfect, perfect, perfect. Difficulty is nauseating for anyone willing to try to perfect EVERY stage. I can perfect most, but not all.

The music is great, a varying selection... and perfect for the game. Never have i seen a Shmup like this.... influenced by musical beats. It's like oneone took Rez and Space Invaders IG and mashed em. Maybe it's not THAT extreme, but yea, it's amazingly fun.

The only ONE nagative remark i can possibly make about the game... is the final boss. I don't want to spoil it for others, but the battle was quite well set up and it WAS fun. If you read beyond this point, SPOILER ALERT.

I was expecting an epic final boss beat, that wasn't just a mashup of all previous bosses made into one... I was expecting a new, epically hard boss with a lot of health. The upgrades for the battle are epic, quite insane... again, a perfect buildup. But I was REALLY expecting a nice, memorable battle. That said, the game was amazing.

The makers of galaga would shed a tear

this is just a badass beautiful game. dodge, firepower, and time all work together and its NOT impossible, just really realllly hard at times (btw, lvl16 > final in difficulty D:) .
The reward idea really got me as a good performance in one level earns you more lives for a tougher one later (or screws you if you sucked :P), an extra incetive to perfect your skills on earlier lvls.
Not to mention the bullets match the the techno songs perfectly it was often more of a dance then a bullet hell (the laser really blew me away, actually took a hit watching them fill the screen when the broke it down XP).
Faved, 5'd, and anxious for your next spawn of genius. we appreciate the fun!

Seriously awesome!

Finally managed to finish the final boss without losses and it only took about 45 minutes.
The game had great basic idea and the execution was done magnificently. The style was nothing too fancy and it matched nicely with the techno beat.
Best game in Newgrounds in a long time.
(if only I had slowmo button in touhou, i just might be able to finish it)

Love this game!

Played it all the way through til the end in one sitting. I liked that when you died it wasn't game over and that you could go back to do better on missions to have more lives in future bosses. Very nice addition to the game. Overall awesome.

I finished the last boss on the first go, and 100% completed :D