Reviews for "Bullet Audyssey"

just like cathode raybots letting other people draw random retarded ships that probably arent even ships but anyways AWESOME music and gameplay you deserve weekly 1st place not 4!

Good game, a couple of the stages are a bit unfair though as opposed to actually challenging such as Chase-o-tron

I've played too many SHMUPs to keep this game from me getting perfect on everything, even before max level at 18 right now. Still very fun game just have to find that secret medal.

Superb game my friend everything is perfect however... you did try to make a I have to object about the shape of the enemy bullets the fact that they are a ring within a ring implies they are a danmaku-like bullet meaning their hitbox is only the size of the inner disk. not the outer ring.

Other than that it's perfect.

I still keep coming back to this to replay. One of the best games on the site!