Reviews for "Bullet Audyssey"


1) this game is WAAAAAY too hard. and 2) i am giving it a not so high score because the music is from 2 other games symphonic td and its sequel the halloween symphonic td

Sooo Hard

This game is probably the best shooter of its kind and really enjoyed it.The music was fantastic and the level flow goes really well with it ,but man getting all the achievements is a pain but awesome at the same time .

Very cool game

but extremely hard in my opinion, I probably suck at the game so whatever.

Having some problems....

having some problems with the movement, might just be me but sometimes the ship flickers. When i steer to the right it wont budge, and when i go left it flies to the right. Anyways seems like a great game. The music is not my cup of tee, but it seems to be liked by the other players. If only i did not have the problems with the steering... :/
But like i said, i think it's just me so 10/10


Great game :)
keep it up and make more by the way can we have the soundtrack plz???