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Reviews for "Pixel Pico Sprites"

Well done! Try to add more visuall effects (partices for example) on attacking animation next time to make quick movements smoother.

Cyberdevil responds:

The plan was to have particle effects via actionscript for attacks, double jump and so on, so in a game it'd look a bit more intense. Definitely a bit simple seen like this though. :) Will keep on improving I hope! Thank you!

I love how he goes super sayian when he double jumps! lol nice

Cyberdevil responds:

Haha yeah, was set to add in some particle effects for extra reign of fire too. :) Thanks!

this is really cool, cyberdevil! hope that game comes out soon!

Cyberdevil responds:

Might not be that soon, but some day! :) Thanks.

This looks pretty cool, I've seen only few pixel drawings here and for a while I had the urge to try to make one as well, but then didn't...:D I really like this fella tho, his expression when he attacks :D AND especially how his eyes light up with red in attack 2! That's a nice detail, loving it :)

Cyberdevil responds:

Much appreciate it. :) If you ever do feel like getting into Pixel Art, then Pixel Day is a good as any time to start! :) Should just be getting bigger and bigger for each year that goes, too, I hope! If you didn't know, Pico is like the NG mascot, and there´s a day for him and all other things NG each year too: https://www.newgrounds.com/collection/pico


Okay these right here well they are pretty neat and interesting. I do think they need a bit more details in a background, but as they are sprites you are showcasing to use, I understand why you stuck with the black background as that will make it easier to transfer over if any users wish to use them in their game. I think the detail and expressions in each character of PICO is nice and I would hope you'd still finish your game. There is always time, even if a short version where you toss him and see how far he goes, you know, something basic, it would always be a good addition and interesting to view. Don't give up on things you start, because I am liking what I see so far.

You should make this into that game you wanted to make


Cyberdevil responds:

Right about the background, and a bit more aesthetic than say pink or green... which seemed to be the goto colors for sprite sheets back in the day! Hmm yeah, Toss The Pico... that could be something! Nice idea. I still hope to finish the real game some day but that could be a cool spin-off thing...