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Reviews for "[GNT] Goten vs Trunks"


Haven't seen a good Dragon Ball Z fight seen in a while.

goldenninetails responds:

oh thanks x3

good but it could be better reson:

1)mabye give a story line leading up 2 the fight

2)they would go super saiyjn

but outher from that great show


Awesome first submission. Now go and make us something badass. the 7 is simply to motivate you to strive for 10s

Also, i gave you a 4 rate wise simply because the audio you used could have been sooo much better. Straight up hit me uuuup. Got some tunes you might wanna use.

Just by watching this. I know what kind of music you want for it.

First Attempt? Off With a Blinder

Being a big fan of Dragon Ball Z im going to be highly critical of any fight DBZ fight that I see and in all honesty it was a very good effort. You stuck to the main principles of a DBZ fight, which are fast fluid fights, good animations and of course a dramatic ending. You included all of those factors well which accumulated to a great flash. There are a couple of concerns that do appear and that is although the pace of the fight was good, there is too much of a pause between each punch. In trademark DBZ fights there are probably about 10 punches or kicks thrown in about a space of half a second and i don't believe you did this well enough. A bit faster contact between the two characters would have boosted your score. On top of that the view of the fight was a bit to close to the characters. I think you should give your characters more space to work with and from there you can include more into your fights. One final thing i can say is that a good old fashioned DBZ spar is always complemented by some intense music.

Overall it was a really good watch and if you can intergrate my advice into your next flash then you will easily be looking at an 8 or 9 but for a first effort very impressive!!!

goldenninetails responds:

wow nice review thanks