Reviews for "This is Halloween (piano)"

Very cool

I enjoyed that .. very nice work

Great piano remix! :-D

Not sure about it being in the Video Game category, though. ;-)


I kinda have issues with your licensing.
It says it can't be used without the artists permission for any commercial stuff, yet the song itself isn't yours anyway. Idk...

The song isn't a video game song originally. It's from "The Nightmare Before Christmas" although you're probably thinking of Kingdom Hearts when you say from a video game.

It's pretty cool. I think you did an excellent job.


was this done with a computer or with a real person? idk but that...that was awesome i like it better than the original and click heart and saved to my favorites bin.


Man, I love this. BTW, this would probably fit in a Kingdom Hearts halloween town battle, cause, you know, the battle music is piano-based.