Reviews for "Pony Platform Game"


Good game. wondering where it will go. good tech demo though

Hope you keep at it

Sorry 8/10 just cause it is not finished. @ Evilcandy it is behind the waterfall near the top took me awhile to find it as well (I assume you had trouble with the same one I did). As for advice, perhaps a mini map to denote key objects, locations, etc. etc. So I have never watched the show but heard about a following called bronies? apparently the ponies can be pretty bad ass so I hope the finished version has some combat, perhaps a level where the boss/enemy is in itself the level, similiar to shadow of colossus that would be bad ass and something I have not seen on newgrounds.

awesome game!

I love the idea and it's fun to fly around with a custom colored pony, but I've refreshed the game several times and still can't find the last gem. I've looked everywhere, so I'm not sure if it's a glitch or I'm just that blind.

I would like to see it when it's finished

Sometimes when you start to fly again while touching the left side (literally) of the floating platform in the furthest lower right hand corner the character gets "stuck" temporarily. Honestly it's too short to tell. it does have potential if you add levels, different challenges and a storyline. Maybe a dash button and a shorter jump for the ground and some different movement controls for the air.