Reviews for "Pony Platform Game"

Very fun,cant find one gem though :C i like preset pony looks like derpy :D i luv derpy <3

Nicely done demo here =D I'mlooking forward to what this will look like when it's complete.

The gameplay is nice and easy to pick up and play which is always a plus especially in a flash game.

P.S Hiding a blue one behind the waterfall... you cleaver cleaver pony you.

Nice but-
Watch out for sonic team and sega :>

i aint gonna lie. it was enjoyable but perhaps the coolest thing was i finally got a good picture of how i wanna look as a pony... BRONY FTW

This is so cool! I can't wait to see how the full game turns out. Oh, and hiding one in a tree? You clever pony, you.