Reviews for "I can't fap to this..."


Great originality as allways, and funny unexpected endings. Good work !

short but humorous

A good reiteration of the silly and awkward comments that one would normally find on youtube.

also, 27 million hits on a cat spamming 'meow' and then a popping duck. Sadly I wouldn't be surprised if such a thing actually happened, considering how the most retarded videos tend to have the highest views (ex; Friday)


I've seen quite a few of your flashes - you have made some great animations. Sadly, this isn't one of them.

I clicked this from the front page before realizing it was by you. It's a great concept, but I felt that the flash kind of fizzled out halfway through - and unlike your recent shorts featuring "the Manwhore", which were at least random enough to elicit some laughs, this one just seemed to go nowhere. I did go and read the comic that was drawn, and while this does work as a comic, it doesn't work as a standalone flash. Hope to see more great flashes from you soon.

A fun but short ride.

I've said this once and I'll say it again, This would be better if it was featured in a group of shorts, Like that House of squid Cartoon from a few years back.
Don't get me wrong, this is terrific, but I would like it better if there was a bit more to it.


But amusing.... I strangely want the Mp3 of that cat song! XD