Reviews for "I can't fap to this..."

short but humorous

A good reiteration of the silly and awkward comments that one would normally find on youtube.

also, 27 million hits on a cat spamming 'meow' and then a popping duck. Sadly I wouldn't be surprised if such a thing actually happened, considering how the most retarded videos tend to have the highest views (ex; Friday)


I've seen quite a few of your flashes - you have made some great animations. Sadly, this isn't one of them.

I clicked this from the front page before realizing it was by you. It's a great concept, but I felt that the flash kind of fizzled out halfway through - and unlike your recent shorts featuring "the Manwhore", which were at least random enough to elicit some laughs, this one just seemed to go nowhere. I did go and read the comic that was drawn, and while this does work as a comic, it doesn't work as a standalone flash. Hope to see more great flashes from you soon.

A fun but short ride.

I've said this once and I'll say it again, This would be better if it was featured in a group of shorts, Like that House of squid Cartoon from a few years back.
Don't get me wrong, this is terrific, but I would like it better if there was a bit more to it.


But amusing.... I strangely want the Mp3 of that cat song! XD

I find this difficult to laugh at

I suppose the main purpose of this flash is to amuse and this is something it doesn't do for me, the phrase isn't funny and it really doesn't make for a good joke. The animation and voice acting of this flash however are both good and that works pretty well, the style with it in black and white, well greys, is a decent style too.

Maybe the length is also an issue, but if it's based off a comic then that would explain why it's shorter but it could have gone further if you had added something afterwards, would it have made it more funny? It could have in a way, but not really sure. Basing a flash off a common phrase or a comment, in my opinion, is hard to pull off.

In short, I think everything is good apart from the concept.