Reviews for "Glitchy Grindy Stuff"

This was unbelievably creative and original. I find it amazing that majority of the instruments used for this are from someone beatboxing. Amazing job dude! Good luck in the competition! :D

Interesting. Good luck!

Tosmatobeef responds:

Lol thanks, I strive for "interesting" sounds XD

really interesting stuff, beatboxing makes it spicy, nice job!
- Pandasticality

Not bad. I like how you experimented with some sounds. It has a strong beat. You already won first price for most original work. For sure, I never heard something like this before.
I really like the synth in the start and in the middle of the song. Really fills up the beatboxing stuff.
The part at 1:32 is catchy and sounds cool, only the transition to that part ( at around 1:31 ) is kinda worse. At around 2:00 and further, the song gets messy and I actually lost my interest of listening till the end. But oh well, I did listen to end. I was disappointed because you fade it out, lol. I expected a 'funny' and cool ending.
Anyways, don't hate on my harsh review. I liked the song! (:

Tosmatobeef responds:

If anything your review was kind. Honestly I wasn't expecting it to get as high of a score as it did. Thanks for the in-depth review and the encouragement! Also, I REALLY liked your song, and I hope you do well in the rest of the competition!

This is a NGADM Round 1 Review!
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Bleep bleep!
Sorry that was necessary to fully comprehend this piece, it's most definitely unique and I love that you experiment like this. The problem is that it's really hard to judge a submission like this one...
Mix: 8/10
I think you did a good job with this. I mean, the recording sounds quite decent and you went all out with your editing and FX to create a very interesting auditory experience unlike anything I've ever heard before. This also means that I can't really say what I think you could improve or what I think you did wrong because of how unusual it is. I hope you're happy to settle for an 8, all that considered.
Composition: 8/10
Same thing here...! How do I judge this? At the very least I think this track is extremely cool. I don't say that often or lightly. In my notes I actually gave you a bonus point because of the risks you took presenting something like this in a composition filled to the brim with EDM and cinematic styles which rely on much more conventional interpretations of the word "music".
Despite this you managed to include melodic elements in there too and they worked well together.

8/10 total and a piece I think deserves a spot on the front page of NG because it shows just how creative you are. Great work.

Tosmatobeef responds:

Thank you! As I said before, after listening to the submissions I was up against, I wasn't expecting to get more than a 4/10 (mostly because I'm usually pretty pessimistic that anyone else would enjoy what I make). But after seeing these reviews, I for sure will be trying to post more of my music here for feed back, and I'm sure I'll also join NGADM next year.

Thank you again, this greatly encouraged me!