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Reviews for "Infiltrator v1.0"

floppy disc

old school! loved it

If he tried that hard for a floppy disc

It must be shadman porn on there.


good music and story

thats the way, uh huh! uh huh

the first thing that came out of my mind when i hit the play button was: what the hell is this?.... the first part really didn't give anything, it just kind of annoyed me, especially the motorcycle part with the music was totally boring.. i almost stop watching this,

but then again.. about the saying "don't judge the book by it cover" :3
you really prove that to me when it came on the fight scene.. every fight scene in this flash was EPIC!

and then, there was one problem... when it was getting on the good part, and i kinda got the hang on the music.... it just suddenly stop! until the end the flash there was still no music.. the ending feels kinda lifeless :(

but i really love your work! especially the fight scenes! :3

fucking please!

give me a story, make the characters look less fat, smoothen up the fighting animation and make it less of a music video and more madness style!