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Reviews for "Infiltrator v1.0"


realy awesome work man

Pretty neat!

I like the video, the concept, pretty much everything!
Waterflame was an excellent choice for music. He makes really good action-y fight scene music.
Only suggestion: Keep the E.X.E.C.U.T.I.O.N.E.R's eyes full white circles. Don't ask me why I say this, because I really don't know. But they seem more menacing as white circles, instead of the angry red eyes. Perhaps its because they're so similar to the protagonist's.
I dunno, but there's my 2 cents.


dont know what you guys below me are talkin about with its was "okay". I thought it was very cool. Great job man!

I didn't have the problem psimissing had..

Music was with me right up until the end. Overall, this is definitely deserving of the daily feature and front page. I thought the style of the characters was a tad odd, but hey, it's different styles that make flash animation new and interesting to watch.

In fact, unlike psimissing, I didn't have any problems with the flash. I thought the entire thing was very action packed, entertaining with the use of the internet meme's as the faces and was a fluent animation.

Top notch job Chris!

not how nukes work

see title and dont think thats why i gave you a medium rating (yes, turns out 5/10 or 2/5 isnt low, its normal). nothin' new or spectacular. good 4 minutes of entertainment but wasnt on the edge of my seat.