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Reviews for "Infiltrator v1.0"

Pretty good

Few complaints about this.

Except for the fact the animation, while still well done and choreographed in a nice fashion, was a bit primitive. If you can manage it, maybe try something a bit more clear and detailed for animation purposes?


Wasn't too bad just kinda boring and i don't like how stiff they look...The musics Cool the idea and the art work is alright just kinda was waiting for it t be over.

Very Enjoyable.

I like what i see. Did a good job for the most part. I commend your efforts and i look forward to your upcoming projects!! Good work! But i must say that the ideas and creativity in this is very impressive. I like the look of the futuristic theme. I really enjoyed that when a foe died, their mask(for moat of them) displayed "404".

Entertaining ^_^

Some of the physics, choreography and animation was a bit odd. Regardless, I was cheering on the main character (in my head) to succeed in his mission. I really got into it. A pretty creative concept too. I love how all the bad guys have monitors for faces so that they can remain faceless but still show emotion with signs like: ?, ! or >:(
- Good work.

I love this!

Hero is awesome :) Especially his omni-generated powers :)