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Reviews for "Infiltrator v1.0"

not bad

Appearance settings: Bad ass


I am not sure why this is getting graded so hard. I thought it was actual quality, and it obviously came from effort- which is what I grade on. 10, 5.


All that technology and the target is a floppy disk? Haha... The animation wasn't bad but it could have been better. At times, the transition from one stance to another looked forced. Also, the lack of sound kinda bugged me. The effects like the omni-tool and other things like that looked good though. Kinda Mass Effect-esque. Overall, well done.

Sound Effects

Animation is a 10 but I do have some objections...
I know the music was thrown in to make it even better but I do think this animation would be a lot better if you made punching sound effects, guns firing, screaming and kicking. Stuff like that is hard to do I know...but there is a reason why people do it.
With that in mind...the music came of as "cheesy" and masked the actual effort that went the animating itself. Make another one with sound effects and you will see more 10's in the rating. Overall...you did a brilliant job with the animation and with enough effort may develop into your own personal style :)

the person below me is right

i agree, i thn that what would help is maybey to mess up the backround a little bit