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Reviews for "Infiltrator v1.0"

Hey, fun to watch!

Man, I actually really like the style. And the gun flashes and rocket thrusters really contrasted with the monotonous landscape and characters- now, contrasted, not clashed. It really looked good.
The fights were awesome actually, and the imaginative omni-generators beat justified hammer-space quite nicely.
Finally, what made me chuckle were the emotes on the faces. Error 404 when the bad guy got punched- I do believe I lol'd.
Anyway, great job, and congratz on the medals.
5/5 10/10 Looking forward to the sequel!


I did like the animation and the music, but sometimes the fight scenes was not that good, and sometimes I got really annoyed on how you pointed out the obvious.


THat was nice. MAby you cAN add voice or something but that was nice . i like army stuff maby you can make something with soldiers or something like that but good work


This was truly a great flash animation. If I were to nit pick I would say that the detail seemed to flash between epic texture to storyboard drawing. However, the entire clip was really smooth.

But I do have one actual complaint, sorta, your guy's size ratio kept changing between lean and fit to somewhat husky. Might wanna fix that for your next animation, which I will be keeping a look out for because this was still quite beautiful.


This was a great animation

10/10 5/5

I really liked the V.A.T.S. style prompts. Keep up the good work.