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Reviews for "Infiltrator v1.0"


Loved it, the art was brilliant!


HUDs in sci-fi video games would be more cool if they could have the "IMPACT IMMINENT" message. The player would get to know what would be hit as soon as a heavy weapon round was fired--or before it was fired if the projectile speed could be determined as too fast to avoid when fired. The object being hit would be specified by a visual indicator accompanying the message, which would show up near the object in question. It would add a simulation of environmental awareness/adaptation.
You earn points for inspiring. The combatants were a little fat, though. Other than the side view of the persons, it's hard to tell if they're wider than they are thick because there wasn't any detail from the front angle to help, just the outline of the torso. It was still cool to watch. The "404" message was a tongue-in-cheek moment. Some humorous internet memes for messages on the helmets, like "LOL"(which is probably overplayed) would have made a nice comedic touch.


give you 10 men!

Yhea! its cool dud!

Just keep Evolving That, great Infiltration action movie :3, keep doing more like those, with other missions ^_^ |m|!

damn good animation

i really enjoyed it keep up the good work. i look forward to seeing more!