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Reviews for "Infiltrator v1.0"

4.5 stars for you

Awesome! Loved the music too.

that was pretty well done

but why did he drop a nuke while carrying a floppy?
those things wipe floppies

ChrisDaemon responds:

Fair point lol XD

The irony is evident...I hope

I really enjoyed the animation, and it looks like you put plenty of work into a well-polished product. However, the plot/events in your video are nothing new, nor are they even terribly imaginative. "Whoaaaa, I beat all the henchmen, and I took out the boss, and I used BULLET TIME woo hoo........." If you are serious about continuing this series, give some unique background to your character. Otherwise, it's all been done before.

Great flash!

I had some expectations with this considering it is weekly 5th, but it was worth it. Not too difficult drawings, nice music and the animation was alright.
If I can give any critism I think I'd say your main character needs ummm more character, like he's a bit too simple. I know he should be but I didn't really like the looks of him.
Ofcourse for the rest, well done. keep 'em up!