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Reviews for "Fall Damage"


Vote 0 because I couldn't find another heath pack.

I really like this game! It's a very clever take on the infinite scrolling genre. The variety of ranks, options and obstacles are great, the scrolling speed is excellent, the difficulty curve is just right, and I like the medals.

Technical stuff:

-Good music and SFX
-Mute button
-Cute graphics
-Responsive controls
-Reset option
-WASD and arrow key options

-No separate ways to mute music and SFX
-I know it's a common video game convention, but I HATE the whole "rapidly flashing health bar when you're low on health" trope. It's really distracting, and gives me a headache.
-No autosave feature.

Great game!
Hot ending!

Tht ending was hot.
Spet alot of time on this game and really enjoyed i.