Reviews for "Freeway Fury 2"

Thank you!

Thank you for making it Z to jump cars. Makes the gameplay a lot more fluid and prevents me from jumping the gun and jumping right off the car went I mean to boost. :P

Knockin it out of the park.

Excellent additions to an already very entertaining timewaster. And making them progressively insane, on top of that. I can't wait for a third one.

Loved the first version

And that's carried over to the second, as well. good graphics, good control, and programmed well enough that I wasn't yelling at the computer.

Graphically, it's the same as the first game, with the same music and announcer (who, by the way, makes the game, IMO. well, him and the crowd). still, the music fits, isn't overpowering, and works well.

the control scheme change threw me for a bit, but it wasn't that bad to adjust to- though it did take some time. Overall, the controls are simple enough to get the hang of easily.

Challenge-wise, it's fairly easy to figure out what you need to do, but harder to do it. Diagonal jumping takes some practice, as does judging just how far you can jump from each vehicle. Motorcycles, in particular, got me killed a few times, since you don't seem to jump as far from them.

other than that? great game. Kinda wish i could do it in real life too.....

pure epicness

liked everything in this game-starting from our main hero to the music

great game!!!!