Reviews for "Freeway Fury 2"

Good driving game

What I find interesting about this is that it actually works well as a regular game. I was afraid I was just going to stop when I went past the first minute. I'm sorry that I am not that interested in this, as I didn't experiment much with this game. One thing I found to be cool was how the graphics were presented. Everything is done in a pretty clear manner. You can basically just beat the level by just weaving between the cars as you would normally.

It could have perhaps had some more things going on, but still a playable game. The notion of jumping out and taking control of other cars is pretty cool. I especially like the skulls that appear on the sides of the screen. The music also gives off a nice thrilling sense. There is certainly a lot of room for you to manuever around.

eror in then end

u need to fix it i love this game so much plz fix this rpoblem i would apricate it

One big flaw.

I've noticed that the game freezes at the end, even with time left on the clock. Everything else with the game is solid enough on it's own, but I can't overlook the freezing issue at the end. If you can fix this problem, then you have a damn good game right here.


VascoF responds:

The problem has been fixed :)

fun and addictive

So first off this was a really great game well put together, love the {OVER-TOP-VIEW} reminds me of the original grand theft auto games, the graphics are really good too, the {GAME-PLAY} is very good too no lag what so ever and responded very well, its not a hard game just fun and entertaining, i actually plan to play this much more even after this review as its very fun and addictive so this reviewer was very impressed, dont see much imroving maybe some options for music or even radio stations which would be a nice feature, anyways nice game.

make a radio or music option like you can change stations,

fun game addictive, everyone will enjoy this.



why does this remember me of SSBM?