Reviews for "Freeway Fury 2"

Double Showtime!

I thought Freeway Fury 1 was a fun little time waster, but ultimately unfulfilling. Freeway Fury 2, however, fixed that nicely, with having such a variety of different environments to berzerk through.

Two things did bother me, though.

1: To get to the left-hand offramps, you have to go to the left side of the screen. This may seem like a no-brainer, but it means you have to cross three lanes of oncoming traffic. The left-hand paths, therefor, seem arbitrarily more difficult to reach than the right-hand paths. You might want to readjust the maps so that the left-hand offramp is on the left-hand side of the right-hand highway.

2: The alien boss fight. Once I figured it out, I thought it was clever, but it's not obvious at all that by passing to the left side of the screen, you can build your turbo-boost by receiving the Oncoming bonus. It's not obvious, because there's no oncoming traffic, and at first I believed it would be disabled! Perhaps you should give the Oncoming turbo-boost across the whole screen, or at least inform the player point-blank that being on the left-hand side of the highway gives you nitrous even though there isn't any oncoming traffic.


I love this game, there should be power ups, like ghost, invincibility, rockets and so on when jumping into oncoming traffic. But i'm not the designer.

Hell Yeah!!

This game is Freaking Amazing!

love this game

this game is the bomb and so addicting love this game


wiating for another sequel