Reviews for "Freeway Fury 2"

It's Kay.

For some reason, I couldn't get to the 1st or 7th finish line, but it could just be my computer. Great game overall.


I like a jump

Awesome Game

My only complaint is regarding the Tank unlockable. Every slam still slows you down, wrecked cars can quickly pile up and block your path, and you can't use freeway exits without switching. I think that if you have a tank as one of the final unlockables, it should be able to mow down everything in your path. I know the purpose of the game is to jump from car to car; but if you're going to throw in a tank, let us engage in some wanton destruction.

Awesome !

Man, I love this game ! The concept is really fun, it's like a fusion of Outrun (The goal of the game), Pursuit Force (For jumping from vehicle to vehicle) and GTA (There's a lot of cars and stuff you can drive) ! It's incredibly addictive, and the voice clips are really funny ! I love it !


Hecks yeah!exactly!SO ADDICTING :P