Reviews for "Freeway Fury 2"

One big flaw.

I've noticed that the game freezes at the end, even with time left on the clock. Everything else with the game is solid enough on it's own, but I can't overlook the freezing issue at the end. If you can fix this problem, then you have a damn good game right here.


VascoF responds:

The problem has been fixed :)

eror in then end

u need to fix it i love this game so much plz fix this rpoblem i would apricate it


i really love the game it just freezes i have all new everything but it wont work would you please fix it?

VascoF responds:

I have just fixed the bug and uploaded a new version, which is awaiting admin approval. I'm sorry for the trouble.

Freezing at the End

This is a very fun game, but it freezes when you finish the road. I had time left on the clock, but nothing. I play the game in firefox and I have the newest flash version. Can you please fix this?


When I beat one of the regular tracks with a car, it was fine, but when I beat the fighter jet ending, it froze and crashed the game. I tried a few times, same thing. Otherwise great game, but that kinda ruins it!