Reviews for "Freeway Fury 2"


My first game as a Newground Member and first review, and it's a good start, great gameplay mechanics and awesome multiplier system, would be 10/10 if not for the occasional stopping.


spectacular and addictive, i can say any more :)

game over

Game jams when I reach finish line

VascoF responds:

This bug is fixed now!

Great game

One major flaw: the up button should not be the nitro button. It becomes very easy for the player to continually hold up and accidentally jump forward while jumping from car to car. Suggestion: change the nitro button to X because it will be considerably easier to get the most out of the jumping system this way.

VascoF responds:

It's possible to use X for nitro too :)

fun and addictive

So first off this was a really great game well put together, love the {OVER-TOP-VIEW} reminds me of the original grand theft auto games, the graphics are really good too, the {GAME-PLAY} is very good too no lag what so ever and responded very well, its not a hard game just fun and entertaining, i actually plan to play this much more even after this review as its very fun and addictive so this reviewer was very impressed, dont see much imroving maybe some options for music or even radio stations which would be a nice feature, anyways nice game.

make a radio or music option like you can change stations,

fun game addictive, everyone will enjoy this.