Reviews for "Freeway Fury 2"

Im missing three achivements

one befor jet jumper, 8jumps and the one before the last achivenment (wich I will not name so not to give away the surprise boss, didnt see it comming)

like cocaine

it's addictive!!!!!!!!!! not that I tried cocaine. lol great idea man, and great story behind it, lol.

pure epicness

liked everything in this game-starting from our main hero to the music


I didn't take any turns but 1, got to the end and then NO BOSS!!!! (I was playing normaly so don't say I was doing free mode) also, I find that there are not enough upgrades via free play, NO TANKS AT ALL, CARS A LIKE 50X BETTER THEN TANKS (Funny cuz World of Tanks add is beside me) and there a NO POLICE CARS AT ALL! Fix it by adding a boss, please, its lame to get to the finish just for kicks and being 50th on the dayly high score board. Still, great game, real adictive, I would love to think what the pepole in the other cars are thinking.


this is such a good game ive played it for hours on end before