Reviews for "Freeway Fury 2"


This game is epic easy medals please make another one!!


Hey dus any 1 know how to get the Medal next to the 8x jump? and the 2nd last medal? :o

dont tell me exactly how but just give me hints :)

Thanks ^^


wiating for another sequel

Not a bad game, but...

First off, the hit boxes for jumping are iffy at best, add a targeting reticule next time, that's be great. Also, diagonal jumping by simultaneous press? Not really working 100% for all users.

Not to mention, if you are boosting when you hit a ramp, you might just crash and die, or glitch through it entirely. While we're on the subject of damage, a health meter for your car would be nice.

Biggest complaint though? The controls aren't very well explained (didn't know I COULD diagonal jump for 90% of the game, didn't know I could jump forward til I'd cleared three pathways) and the difficult terrain slows you down WAY too much. It's just a bit absurd to slow down THAT heavily in a speed based game.

Also, arbitrary XP meter? What's it even for?

Not a bad game, really... but it could be improved. I had fun, but even by flash game standards, this one is lacking polish here and there.


Muito bom :D