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Reviews for "Ça Ça Mirlaquerr"


This has to be one of the COOLEST flash animations I've seen as of late! The music itself really drives & blends in with the action, as if either the music was created to fit the animation of visa versa. Speaking of which, the visuals morphed and shifted in that Tofuzilla-ish way, and you WANTED to see what happend next (a sliver of drama to be found in this, for something so fast-paced).

Good flash!


... I hate leaving short reviews, I really do. A good review should have so many things, including suggestions on how to improve in the future... and yet. If I don't leave a review now, I'll probably neglect to do so in the future, so here's the lamentably short version:





Seriously. Even better than the previous Mr Coo's, the animation was so silky smooth, just so amazingly smooth... that it's almost painful to watch. The drawing quality was great throughout, only in a few places it could have been a touch better such as in a few backgrounds (but it's tiny complaint).

Loved the music, hit the tone just right, so it fit with the on-screen action really well and and the coordination between the story and song was really high throughout.

The originality, creativity and vision that the movie has is quite simply amongst the best I've seen, likely in any medium. And even though it's very different from the tone of previous Mr Coo movies, he still worked well as the main character!

And so on and on. Honestly, there's so little I can criticize, that I won't, even if I should (mainly because it'd take too much time and effort to articulate it). You have my wholehearted admiration, this is massive accomplishment and you deserve major kudos and recognition for it; a serious contender for movie of the year.

Felicitaciones. Usted simplemente está entre los mejores de los mejores, sin exageracion. Espero que el éxito está siempre con usted y no puedo esperar a ver lo que vas a llegar a la próxima!


Haven't seen an animation quite like this on this website. Just, truly amazing man! great job & original lookin'.

holy fuck

that was incredible. I loved every minute, no I loved every second of this. great song, great animation, great everything. wish I could vote higher than 10.

Such good animation