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Reviews for "Sly Bastard"

I love me some good FUNK!!!

FUNKY!!! Great job if I was a flash artist I would definatly use this.FUNK RULES!!!FUNK JUNKIES FOREVER!!!

wow it's actually FUNK!

I like this one because it solves a problem I see with a lot of the entries in the Funk category...they aren't really Funk, but rehashed Rock and Roll :\

Kudos to you, I'll be rockin this one all night long!


this is realy siick dude i like how the drums cut in n out at the beggining its REALY funky lol

GJ with this one


Reminds me of "Naks Acid" from wipeout pure...


Just funny. The distortion was good, the whole thing made little sense, but the drum beat was good, and it was catchy. Weird, weird weird... But beautifully batshit insane.