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Reviews for "Sly Bastard"

wow it's actually FUNK!

I like this one because it solves a problem I see with a lot of the entries in the Funk category...they aren't really Funk, but rehashed Rock and Roll :\

Kudos to you, I'll be rockin this one all night long!

Amazing Funk

This is truly great music you've made. I am definately using it in my next flash film.

Excellent job.

Splagawaga responds:

oo nice, thanks alot m8.
send me a priv msg with details about the flash game

I love me some good FUNK!!!

FUNKY!!! Great job if I was a flash artist I would definatly use this.FUNK RULES!!!FUNK JUNKIES FOREVER!!!

Pretty good

Not much to say about this track, it's a good funk audio. Congrats on weekly 5th.



hmmmmmmmm... k then let's see.. stepped on the bass a bit - lead was soooo sharp in contrast - maybe a different kit could add a little somthing to the percs - all around a decent job though - I was thinking about voting 4 on it to be honest but I'll give ya the 5 - you may need it a little later.

that's about it