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Reviews for "Heightened Hope"

Beautiful theme - very cinematic. I especially like the flow. What i personally would have found cool is a calm and slow midpart as contrast - maybe a key change here. Also think the reverb could be reduced just a very little bit. That would allow you to make the bass section more pregnant. While that much reverb really supports the discant a lot its hard to get a clean sound for the left hand.

Overall a very nice piece which brought me in a contemplative mood. Nice chords and concept. Keep up the good work!

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thanks! I agree with everything you said in this review :)
Had I composed this more recently I probably wouldn't have kept it so monotone in rythm, and such. A middle section that breaks the formula would be good too :p

About the reverb, you're right. The song is more muddy than I thought it was. You see, yesterday when I added the reverb, I could barely hear anything as I had no access to any good headphones (I was sitting on a 6 hour bus ride with a lot of noise...), so I just added it at random XD
I think I'm too lazy to go back and change it now though :)

Thanks a lot for your well thought out review and for the kind words!

I can't write reviews...but I would suggest (like others have before me) some rhythmic variation. The drawn out legato might work better in expressing other sentiments, as right now it sounds quite grandiose, but some changes might work better than repetition for this particular one. Orchestrating this one would definitely bring out more aspects to comment on, and if you get the chance to upload it...that would be cool to review.

All in all, as I see it, this has the potential to be an intro to a more lengthy piece (you should write a symphony!). Currently, it's too short to allow you much space for going back and forth between musical themes, which is why I'm actually a bit conflicted when it comes to suggesting changes. But as is, it's still fantastic.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Rythmic variation is definitely what this piece needs :p
Variation in general actually, as it's so samey almost all the way to the end.
Orchestrating it is what I think would bring the most out of the piece, although with some changes in the arrangement.
I don't know when I'll ever get to it though... Knowing myself it'll probably take 10 years before I start XD

I agree that this piece could be much longer if it was more varied. I've done pretty much all I can while keeping the structure the same. In a way, that was a challenge too. It was long ago I composed this composition now too... Time flies by fast :/
It'd be cool to write a symphony, even if it'd take some work!

Thanks for your review! :)

It's pretty. :) It's also a little fast-paced imo. Could probably use some more pacing - some parts fast, others slower. Also needs some more rhythmic variation - I like the ups and downs of the scale and the modulations, but it's basically 3 minutes of quarter notes. The structure is pretty hard to categorize...like many of your other improvs, it's very flow-y. What I especially liked about "An Improv on Clarity" is that you switched up the mood and harmonic content frequently, while staying almost painfully loyal to the main theme. This piece, on the other hand, needs a little more direction and dynamic contrast. Right now it kind of sounds like an angry professor pounding out his woes on the keyboard in the university's church...lol. Anyway, overall it's an amusing piece. Hopefully you can do more with it at a later date, as well as cleaning up that mixing! ^_^ Talk to you soon, LSD! ;D

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

This piece is one of the most monotone pieces I've ever made XD
I have at least two other piano compositions that are very similar to this one in that sense. I guess that I sometimes just get the feel to do stuff like this (it has been a while now though). I was mostly focusing on the chords and the flow while making this I think, so it's no surprise it ended up being so rythmically unchanging :D
This is no improv though. The only thing really changing throughout the entire song is the chords. Even the melodies are similar; simply with different chords :)
Thus, it's a very easy song to remember how to play.

I think I never really put that much work into this song, as I figured I would probably orchestrate it at some point anyway, which is why I didn't bother with the structure that much. Poor defence though, and I agree with all of the criticism XD
Thanks for your review!

Great song!

My first thoughts upon hearing it are that I agree with TheDoor. It does have quite the abundance of quarter notes. Not saying that's a bad thing, but you know how I feel about repetition. :/

The chords were great as usual, but I'm issuing you a challenge now. When you start writing music again, I challenge you to write a song where the notes in every chord you play are heard at the same time, not one at a time like you always do them. :D

That little blurb at 2:00 sounded pretty dissonant. If you were to improve this song, you should probably see to something about that.

I love the ending so much. It creates suspense and does a great job of strongly concluding a light, airy peace, although I'm not entirely sure it reflects the title "Heightened Hope" very much. :P

Fun song, and looking forward to more!

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

I definitely understand that too much repetition is boring, which is surely the case in this piece :D

Hahha, and you're DEFINITELY right in that I overuse arpeggios and/or the left hand thingy that plays chords by only using their tones one by one (whatever it's called when you roll across the piano with a hand) XD
I don't play every chord like this in a song, but with many, often far too many, I do :)
I have some songs where I don't really do this, and I could easily make more. One of them should be uploaded in a few weeks, so maybe I'll cheat in the challenge and use an old piece >:)


=> Yeah, that chord doesn't really fit the mood in the rest of the song. I don't really know why I put it there :p

I'm glad you like the ending! :)
I think the beginning and the ending of this piece are really the best parts. They are pretty good on their own too, but they also wrap the piece up together. They sound similar, but the notes that are played are actually different :3
And no... The title fits the rest of the song better, although I don't think it's that good a name at all.

Thanks for your review as well, especially as these are just random old pieces I'm uploading!

This made me feel like a pretty lady unsure of what to wear to my first date with a very attractive man.


I'm always a pretty lady though.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Of course you're a pretty lady :3

I guess I can understand your interpretation. I was thinking about something more dramatic myself XD