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Reviews for "Bullet Bill 3"

Very good sidescroller

Lots of content in this game, and enjoyed the addition of a level editor.

not too shabby

even though i cant get past the second level, (i think its those dam balloons. or my tiny brain just cant handle the delicate art of bullet billing) it was an OK game that made me laugh with diabolicalness (did i spell that right? anywhey.....) every time i charged through those little mushroom guys. keep bombing bill. keep bombing.

This is the best game I've ever played!

I don't know why people are complaining so much about it.
Heck, Phanto was my favorite part of it actually.
My only complaint is that if I need to stop playing (or the browser crashes), I have to start fresh, no character, no medals, nothing at all!
I also think the abilities/powerups are uneeded, but some people may enjoy them.

How in the freaking world are you supposed to survive a boss AND phanto?!?Maybe put phantos on non-boss areas, and it would be a 5.

Great and easy to understand game! But the keys are a bit cruel... TOTAL NOGALISTA: 4/7[4]6b45b4/2]8[5c6ca15ca16ca25ca26c a35ca36c/1]9[5c6ca15ca16ca25ca26ca35c a36c/2]8[5c6ca15ca16ca25ca26ca35ca36c /7[4]6b85b8/4]7[/4]7[5b86b8/4]7[/4]7[
6b45b4/0]9[8ha18ha28ha38h/0]9[8ha18ha 28ha38h/0]9[8ha18ha28ha38h/0]9[8ha18h a28ha38h/0]9[8ha18ha28ha38h/0]9[8ha18 ha28ha38h/0]9[8ha18ha28ha38h/0]9[8ha1 8ha28ha38h/0]9[8ha18ha28ha38h/0]9[8ha 18ha28ha38h/0]9[8ha18ha28ha38h/0]9[8h a18ha28ha38h/0]8[/0]7[/0]6[/0]5[/0]4[
/0]3[/0]4[/1]5[/2]6[/3]7[/4]8[/5]9[/a 16)/a13(/a16)/a13(/a16)/a13(/a16)/a13 (a29[/a16]a29[/a12b2a11ya29[/a29[/a29 [/a29[/a29[/a29[/a2+///////6(5~//////
/a36z//a37z//a28z///9z//////////a33]a 36[a35g/5ga15ga25ga33]a36[a35g/5ga15g a25ga33]a36[a35g/5ga15ga25ga33]a36[a3 5g/5ga15ga25ga33]a36[a35g/5ga15ga25ga 33]a36[a35g/5ga15ga25ga33]a36[a35g/5g a15ga25ga33]a36[a35g/5ga15ga25ga33]a3 6[a35g/5ga15ga25ga33]a36[a35g/5ga15ga 25ga33]a36[a35g/5ga15ga25ga33]a36[a35 g/5ga15ga25ga33]a36[a35g/5ga15ga25ga3 3]a36[a35g/5ga15ga25ga33]a36[a35g/5ga 15ga25ga33]a36[a35g/5ga15ga25ga33]a36 [a35g/5ga15ga25ga33]a36[a35g/5ga15ga2 5ga33]a36[a35g/5ga15ga25ga33]a36[a35g /5ga15ga25ga33]a36[a35g/4b85b8a33]a36 [/a33]a36[/5b34b3a32]a37[/a31]a38[/a3 2]a37[/a33]a36[a34b4a35b4/a33)a36( for possibly the hardest level ever!