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Reviews for "Bullet Bill 3"

Epic Sound Track + Epic Game + Epic Insides = EPIC

This game has EVERYTHING! You have an epic sound track, an epic concept, and more inside goodies for players to go after! It takes seconds to learn and hours to master, and that is really what makes this game pop.

The music is fantastic and follows the game's speed and beat, complimenting each other. You should seriously consider talking to Wolfgun to releasing a soundtrack for this. The music is just fantastic and makes playing the game an entire blast!

15 months well spent!


Sweet Job Psy sweet job.

love the series 10/10


Pretty cool but about phanto.. I was beat it only world 1 but awsome


AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! BOWSER w/key its sooo danmm HARDD!!!! DX

Awesome Game! i can see why you removed the password nonsense because in Bullet Bill 1 and 2, everyone leaked passwords. i had a great time playing this game. gives game 99/10 :P i unlocked all characters! now that im thinking, i want to know about Bullet Bill 4 to come out! btw love the psy city intro xD