Reviews for "Bullet Bill 3"


dude this game is fun and the songs ARE AWWWWWESOOOMMMME the music are just yes


All your medals are secret.
Challenge accepted.

F#@k this, I'm out

World A: Alright. But f@&k bowser.
World B: A Bitch. Also f&%k bowser.
World C: Challenging. Holy shit, wart Bowser? FFFUUUUU-
World D: DAMN DAMN DAMN. And two bowsers? Gaaah.

I beat all that stuff, actually.

But trying to get the key in world 8? HNNNNNNNNNG- The previous 7 took like a hundred tries each. But masks + nearly the entire level + bowser? Yeah to hell with that. You're evil.

Also still no signs of Mario. When do I get to kill Mario?

This Game Is Pretty Pretty Awesome But I like it so much! +5 Stars!

i ply it at schol on tyrones unblokd games !!!!