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Reviews for "Bullet Bill 3"


Robot Rock


i absolutely loved the music (mainly the music in the water levels <3) and the game is extremely fun and addicting ^3^


All your medals are secret.
Challenge accepted.

Nearly Perfect

It deserves all 10 stars, the gameplay is sublime, the difficulty curve is comparison to the send one is improved, the cameo characters are a nice touch, great medals, level creator, the music (speaking of which, how do I download it? Catchy stuff). The only flaw is phanto is WAY too fast and difficult, I can't even get past Larry with the key. Also a way of sharing levels would've been cool, but possibly too difficult to implement. But otherwise great.

Let me just start off by saying this:
If you don't have a quick eye, you wont survive this long.
Its, just as the first one, a game that i can see myself playing until i beat it 100%, and as all the medals for this one are secret, I'm gonna be on this for awhile...
I also noticed the pixilization. (wrong spelling?) If you wanted, im sure you couldve made better graphics, but i know you did that on purpose. Brings back old games...